Strategic Planning

Administrative and Consulting Solutions helps organizations maintain long-term strategic and short-term (tactical) plans. We include staff, supervisors, managers, directors and board members in our in-depth strategic planning process, allowing us to prepare a comprehensive plan that positions your organization to meet the changing economic and service needs of the future.

Our primary strategic planning methods include a bottom-up approach to operations reengineering and workflow analysis. We draw upon a variety of methods to help you plan for the future.  Our team will evaluate your core competencies, mission, vision and value statements to develop a comprehensive SWOT analysis. We will work with you to develop a plan for adjusting to changes in the environment and the needs of people you serve. We will also evaluate your funding sources and other financial elements to create a plan that leads to long-term stability and growth.

Services we offer:

  • Operations Reengineering¬†
  • Workflow Analysis