Financial Services

Administrative and Consulting Solutions understands how difficult financial services can be in today’s tough economic climate, so our team of financial professionals works to evaluate your current position, strengths and opportunities to provide recommendations that will help your organization achieve financial stability. Our team develops timely and clear financial reports, supervises or becomes your accounting staff, assists with fundraising strategy and works with management to reduce the possibility of errors.

In addition, Administrative and Consulting Solutions performs fraud prevention audits to assess the level of risk in your organization’s key financial areas, evaluate your funding sources for long-term stability and review the efficiency of your accounting systems and related applications, including payroll and HR integrations.

Administrative and Consulting Solutions’ primary financial services include:

  • Accounting (Full-Service)
  • Investment Consulting
  • Bond Issuance Administration
  • Payroll Processing
  • Outsourced CFO 
  • Pension Plan Advisory Services
  • Dashboard Analysis 
  • Fraud Audits